EasyGift FAQs

Common questions we're asked about EasyGift.

EasyGift FAQs

What is EasyGift?
EasyGift is an app that lets you automatically include products in your customers carts when specific conditions are met

How do I install it?
You can install it from the Shopify App Store here.

How many rules can I have?
You can have unlimited rules at the moment.

How do I edit or delete a rule?
Click the rule name, and you can edit it. Delete it by clicking the delete button in the upper right corner.

What is a trigger product?
A rule will execute if a customer adds the trigger product to their cart.

What does the "remove item" checkbox do?
This applies if a customer meets the requirements for a rule to be executed, (for example achieving a specific cart value), but then makes a change that makes that condition false (for example removing an item that brings the cart value below the trigger value). If checked, EasyGift will remove the item from the customer's cart when this happens.

Can I ask you another question?

Sure thing! Emal us here.